Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yes, it is Saturday again and time for a question once again from Amy @ My Friend Amy. The question today is . . .One thing we share in common is a love of books. I know there are participants of Faith 'n Fiction Saturdays that read over 200 books a year!
But while we may read a lot of books, only a few books in our lifetimes are special enough that we would never part with them, always recommend them, and maybe even reread them.

So...what fiction books with faith elements are on your keeper shelf?

My keepers are:

1. Francine River's The Lineage of Grace Series

2. Julie Lessman's Daughter's of Boston Series

3. All of Frank Peretti's work, so that is eight books right there. - This Present Darkness, Piercing The Darkness, The Prophet, The Visitation, The Oath, Monster, House.

I've been doing good about weeding out my keepers. So I think that is really all that I am serious about hanging on to.
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