Friday, November 6, 2009

I HAVE A BLOG! I am so over ppl who review books and say their NOT slamming the author when indeed that is what they're doing! They have no friggin clue as to what it takes to WRITE a manuscript, the blood sweat and tears that goes into day to day writing! I want to challenge them that the next time they want to "review" a book they pick up a pen and paper, or sit down at a computer for HOURS ON END; and put their heart and soul into something. And then to expect that CHRISTIAN fiction is to have everything coming up roses is absolutely ridiculous! Do they not think that Christians live in the REAL world . . . that LIFE happens to Christians too! I seriously think that they need to get out of their own comfort zone, move around a bit and see the REAL WORLD!!!!! They've been living in little town America and they have no clue what the real world is all about. It's not only books that they criticize it's everything! I may just catch their book reviews, yet I also see other things on their blog; from how someone drives when dropping a teenager off at school, to how another parent disciplines. It's absolutely insane!
Don't get me wrong I don't have a problem with a reviewer saying they didn't like a book. I just think overly pointing out what is wrong with the book and using loads of scripture to do so, is not what we as reviewers are suppose to do. I mean seriously . . . I think by doing that we look judgemental, pointing out the speck in our brother's eye and not looking at the log in our own, it can get way out of hand. Plus scripture can be taken way out of context when used in that form, especially when you don't use the scripture before and after. God didn't intend for His word to be used in bits and pieces. He meant it to be used as a whole, and for teaching, edification, and rebuking, however used in a manner where a reviewer just spits out verses Here and There to refut something in a book, isn't what I believe God had intended for His word.


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Mary D

Couldn't agree with you more! God's words were never intended to be used as a weapon to hurt others with ~

Kudos on speaking your mind :)

ps - I interviewed on occasion and had a column in our newspaper for four years; it took a heck of a lot of work some days to produce a 2K word article!

Thanks Mary D! I appreciate your thoughts! Overall I don't believe the Christian reviewers mean to hurt with their use of God's word, I believe that they believe they're doing what they believe is "right". However, there is a bigger picture out there. We as Christians are looked at as being judgemental, and better than the rest and when we do this amongest ourselves we just prove them right.

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