Please Pray for our daughter Kassandra

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kassi has had type 1 diabetes for 6 years. She's now 19. She's struggled with accepting this disease. In the last 3 to 4 months she's become better at management. She just saw her endocrinologist a month ago who told her things were fine. She had called me a week ago saying she was having a hard time keeping her blood sugars in range. She's on an insulin pump which is just awesome! She called her doctor on Wednesday and told him the problem and he told her to get to the nearest ER, then he said scratch that, make yourself an appt. with your kidney specialist and get yourself on a donor list. Apparently while things looked okay initially, the blood work and urine tests came back and there were some other problems. Her kidney's have been a problem since 7 months after her diagnosis, and her non compliance since she was diagnosed. I have the right blood type to be a live donor. We are waiting for her appointment with her kidney doctor. We have known since I laid in bed for 9 weeks to make sure I didn't loose her, then back and forth for 9 weeks after she was born to keep her alive that she is a miracle. I know God will do a miracle here!
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