Friday, July 18, 2008

Hey gang,

I just had my first awful experience with a seller at AMAZON, and I wanted to share it with you so that you don't get burned in trying to get the copies of your favorite Christian fiction books. I ordered DREAMING IN BLACK AND WHITE from and the description was VERY GOOD. No other description was given. However, yesterday when I received the book the book was a library discard, and it had water damage. I was very upset. In todays tough financial times where we are all pinching pennies, and finding ways to fund our passion for reading, having a seller take advantage of anyone is just not cool! I wanted to post my experience so that you would be aware and find other sellers to purchase from. This seller got upset at me because I was upset at her lack of listing the book correctly. That wasn't my problem. It in my opinion was a seller who was trying to pull a fast one on a customer by not listing all the details about the book - seeing if they'd be caught. And when they were she didn't like it.
Anyhoo, just beware, there are some great sellers out there.
Smokymtnbooks is a great one
These are two that I seem to use when I'm ordering books.

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