Monday, January 1, 2007

I am your family too! How dare you take away my right to ever see you again, or talk to you. What about Curtis? Did you think about your brother? The person whose known you from birth, whose been there. How about your Mom? And your Dad sure in hell didn't deserve this either. He was recovering from a stroke incase you forgot! You had no right to take yourself from us! We're family, we've always been. Did you think offing yourself with a gun was going to make it better? Uh-No . . . you just made it worse! You took yourself out of the picture, and in turn created pain and heartache for the rest of the family. Now New Years will never be the same! So THANK YOU! for ruining my New Year's Eve for the rest of my life you selfish bastard!


Today starts a new year, and I am excited! I am going to start by trying this blog thing. I am a journaler, but not on the net so we'll see how it goes. I am just excited about all the awesome things that are happening in the next few weeks. Life is great and it is wonderful to be alive!
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