Book Review Rating

I've been blogging now for ten plus years which is so hard to believe, and in that time I have struggled with rating the books that I read. With the help of my blogging friend, Rachel from Bookworm Mama I have come up with one that makes sense and that I like.

This quote meme from Joanne Bischof's new book Sons of Blackbird Mountain has to be one of my favorite from the book. I think because it emulates how Mark, my husband, works on not only getting to know me, but how to support and encourage me as a woman with a chronic illness. When you see this meme you'll know that I believe the book deserves TEN STARS!!!!

For books higher than 6+ stars I will use this quote from Tamera Alexander's book To Wager Her Heart.

5 1/2 stars Thorn Keeper Pepper Basham

Heaven help me, you taste like Christmas.

For books that are worth 5 stars I will use this quote from Roseanna M. White's book A Name Unknown.

Books with a 4 1/2 star rating, I will use this quote from Firstborn by Tosca Lee.

Books with a 4 star rating, I will use this quote from For Love and Honor by Jody Hedlund.
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