The Secret Keeper - Reviewed

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Book Blurb:
The author of To Die For returns to the court of Henry VIII, as a young woman is caught between love and honor.

Juliana St. John is the daughter of a prosperous knight in Marlborough. Though her family wants her to marry the son of her father’s business partner, circumstances set her on a course toward the court of Henry VIII and his last wife, Kateryn Parr.

Sir Thomas Seymour, uncle of the current heir, Prince Edward, returns to Wiltshire to tie up his business with Juliana’s father’s estate and sees instantly that she would fit into the household of the woman he loves, Kateryn Parr. Her mother agrees to have her placed in the Parr household for “finishing” and Juliana goes, though perhaps reluctantly. For she knows a secret. She has been given the gift of prophecy, and in one of her visions she has seen Sir Thomas shredding the dress of the king’s daughter, the lady Elizabeth, to perilous consequence.

As Juliana learns the secrets of King Henry VIII’s court, she faces threats and opposition, learning truths about her own life that will upset everything she thought she once held dear.

My Thoughts:  I am a huge Tudor fan and I fell in love with this book. Instead of reading straight through like I normally would, I had to slow down and take my time as the book was filled with such rich detail. 
Julianna has the gift of prophecy and becomes a lady in waiting to Kateryn Parr, King Henry VIII's final wife. There were many times when Julianna wanted to go home, but she knew she was where God wanted her and she stayed. 
For anyone who loves historical fiction and the Tudors this is a must read!
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