My Review How Do I Love Thee by Nancy Moser

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

She dreams of love for others but never for herself...

Elizabeth Barrett is a published poet--and a virtual prisoner in her own home. Blind family loyalty ties her to a tyrannical father who forbids any of his children to marry. Bedridden by chronic illness, she has resigned herself to simply existing. That is, until the letter arrives...

"I love your verses with all my heart," writes Robert Browning, an admiring fellow poet. As friendly correspondence gives way to something more, Elizabeth discovers that Robert's love is not for her poetry alone. Might God grant her more than mere existence? And will she risk defying her father in pursuit of true happiness?

My Review: Until reading this novel I didn't know much about Elizabeth Barrett Browning. This is a beautifully written book. Nancy Moser does a great job of taking truth and combining it with creative license to write a book that you just can't put down, and you are so glad you read. I highly recommend this book and I give it a lighthouse and shine a light on it for lighting your path to God.


I am so incredibly over so called "CHRISTIANS" tearing apart this couple! Jon and Kate had two sets of multiples and they were asked by TLC about airing their daily life as a show. They chose to do it. I don't believe they had any idea how popular they would become or that they would become "stars" in a sense. I can't believe the headache they've had to endure with the paparazzi, tabloids etc. And now when things have become unbearable because they can't even live their daily life as just Jon and Kate and the kids with all the headache. They've chosen to separate and instead of trying to UNDERSTAND. . . so called CHRISTIAN bloggers - writers, etc are ripping them to shreds. Who in the ______ do they think they are????? Have they walked in their shoes? Tried to have a birthday party for their children with the paparazzi just feet away - I think NOT! What Jon and Kate need from the Christian community considering that they are CHRISTIANS is support not being ripped apart! I challenge anyone to walk in their shoes and not go a little nuts. And I'm not talking about having 8 kiddos. I'm talking about invasion of privacy. They agreed to have America view them on TLC what they did not agree to was having the paparazzi and the tabloids make them food for the public and lie about them, to the point that they couldn't even breathe. So the next time you think about saying something about Jon and Kate . . . think about your Mom and Dad, sister and brother, aunt and uncle, gramma and grampa . . . how would you feel if it was them being torn apart in the tabloids?


This week, the

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance

is introducing


Zondervan (June 1, 2009)


Brandilyn Collins


Brandilyn Collins is an award-winning and best-selling novelist known for her trademark Seatbelt Suspense®. These harrowing crime thrillers have earned her the tagline "Don't forget to b r e a t h e . . ."® Brandilyn's first book, A Question of Innocence, was a true crime published by Avon in 1995. Its promotion landed her on local and national TV and radio, including the Phil Donahue and Leeza talk shows. Brandilyn is also known for her distinctive book on fiction-writing techniques, Getting Into Character: Seven Secrets a Novelist Can Learn From Actors (John Wiley & Sons). She is now working on her 20th book.

In addition to Exposure, Brandilyn’s other latest release is Always Watching, first in The Rayne Tour series—young adult suspense co-written with her daughter, Amberly. The Rayne Tour series features Shaley O’Connor, daughter of a rock star, who just may have it all—until murder crashes her world.


When your worst fear comes true.

Someone is watching Kaycee Raye. But who will believe her? Everyone
knows she’s a little crazy. Kaycee’s popular syndicated newspaper
column pokes fun at her own paranoia and multiple fears. The police in
her small town are well aware she makes money writing of her
experiences. Worse yet, she has no proof of the threats. Pictures of a
dead man mysteriously appear in her home—then vanish before police
arrive. Multisensory images flood Kaycee’s mind. Where is all this
coming from?

Maybe she is going over the edge.

High action and psychological suspense collide in this story of terror,
twists, and desperate faith. The startling questions surrounding Kaycee
pile high. Her descent to answers may prove more than she can survive.

To read the first chapter, go HERE.

“More twists and turns than a Coney Island roller coaster! Highly recommended.” ~CBA Retailers

“Mesmerizing mystery…authentic characters…a fast-paced, twisting tale of desperate choices.” ~TitleTrakk

“Brandilyn Collins is a master of suspense, and Exposure is her best book yet!” ~Dianne Burnett,


I'm sure by now you've all heard the NEW warning about ACETAMINOPHEN and the new labeling that they want to do about this drug and some of the other drugs like Percocet and Vicodin that have Acetominophen in them. I am not a NEWS watcher yet now that I am at my parent's house I am watching NEWS since they do. Let me tell you I was so incredibly annoyed at the fact that the FDA want to again do this because of ignorant people. The people that were used as "examples" were just plain out and out stupid! You have stomach pain and you've gone to the ER and you continue to take TYLENOL and not go back and find out what's WRONG!!!! HELLO MCFLY!!!!! I mean seriously! Her sister is a pharmacist and she didn't even think to call and ask her sister?!? I have 3 count them daughters and I can guarantee you that if one of my girls needed something from her sister she would so ask. They don't hesitate to go to each other. Blaming it on Acetominophen is just udderly ridiculous! The blame needs to be placed on the knuckle head people who don't have sense enough to seek medical attention when they should and just want to place blame on someone else because it's easier!
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