Friday, August 3, 2007

I am so sick and tired of going to a church who wants to TALK about reaching out to people but doesn't know the first thing about doing it. We've missed 4 Sundays in a row because of being sick, then an accident, and do you know how many people called to check on us ZERO, ZIP, NADA! Yet I called both the pastor, and our youth pastor and didn't even receive a call back. When I talked to the pastor about it his response was " it's summer he doesn't know who's gone and who's not." And that's an excuse? So he just doesn't bother to call and find out . . .And he wants us to invite our neighbors. He's joking right?!? I am apart of an online community of book traders who have never laid eyes on each other, and they do a better job of caring for one another than the church I attend. If someone isn't around for a couple of days members are asking questions, sending e-mails, etc. If it turns out that someone is sick, or worse then we all chip together to make things better.
And to make matters worse I am watching the church become real cliquey and I don't play those games. It's one thing for it to happen among the teens which isn't even a problem in the youth. But to see it in the adults, especially the adults who work with the teens, really bothers me.
Since we moved to Virginia we haven't had good luck with churches. Looks like we're going to be looking for a new one yet again.
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