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Thursday, October 25, 2012

One of the hot topics this election is abortion for rape and incest victims. Well, I was adopted in 1966. The story that my maternal grandmother told the lawyer that processed my adoption was not the truth. She said that my 13 year old birth mother got pregnant with me during a Catholic church taffy pull during spring break. When I was told that I knew it wasn't true, it just didn't make sense. In 1992 when I was pregnant with my third child I found my birth mother and she told me the truth. She was being molested by her step-brother and when she told her mother she didn't believe her, then when she got pregnant my grandmother wanted the family doctor to abort me. My 13 year old mother said NO, she told her mother that she didn't believe her when she told her what was happening and she was having the baby. My grandmother took my mother to California where I was born and adopted by parents who couldn't have any children. I had a wonderful life was raised with a younger brother who was also adopted. Regardless of how I was created my life wasn't a mistake. The baby shouldn't pay the price for however he or she is created. I pray as you go to the polls to vote you will remember my story, and the courage and love of my birth mother, Angelina who was just 13 when she made that decision.

Preview: Accidentially Amish

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This week, the

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing

Accidentally Amish

Barbour Books (October 1, 2012)


Olivia Newport


A Word From The Author:

I’m imagining you. You walk past as I water my front flowerbeds and we wave. You check the time as we both stand in a long line at the grocery store. You sit in front of me in church. I’m at my table in the coffee shop and you’re at yours.

We may smile politely and move on with our separate lives. Or one of us may speak, a simple invitation to conversation, and the words flow between us.

Here the adventure begins. When we meet someone new, we never know where it might lead.

I’ve been married for over thirty years and have two twenty-something kids. We live in stunning Colorado at the foot of the Rockies, where the day lilies in my back yard grow as tall as I am. (No short jokes, please.)

Not every piece of my life is pretty, though. Some days I want to throw out whole chunks. But I am living each day looking for the grace of God to me, in me, and through me. Having your companionship along the way will help uncover a lot of great stories.

Thanks for stopping by my site, where conversations and adventures begin with a click. I hope we’ll run into each other often.


Escape the helter-skelter of the modern culture and join software creator Annie Friesen, hiding at the home of an Amishman. With her high-tech career in jeopardy, Annie runs from fast-paced Colorado Springs—and straight into the hospitality of San Luis Valley’s Amish community. There she meets cabinetmaker Rufus Beiler, and the more time she spends with him, the more attracted she becomes. When Annie finds she shares a common ancestor with Rufus, she feels both cultures colliding within her. But is her love for Rufus strong enough for her to give up the only life she’s ever known?

If you would like to read the first chapter of Accidentally Amish, go HERE.

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