My Granddaughter Nalani talking

Friday, September 5, 2008

Talking Monster in a Pink Bouncer


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She is so beautiful.

Know that I am praying for your daughter right now.

Lord Jesus,

Be with Andie and her family...send a donor for her daughter's kidney. God heal her body and help her to get her sugar levels under control. It is so difficult to watch everything you eat and wonder what it might do to your body. So Lord, I just ask that you would grant her divine wisdom with all of this. Comfort them and surround them with Your angels. I ask this in your precious name, AMEN.


I'm praying for you daughter, Kassi :)

~ Connie

Father, be with Andie and her daughter right now. Hold them in Your mighty hand of mercy and grace. Provide in miraculous ways for her healing and give the dr.'s wisdom and discernment in how to treat this condition. Give Andie peace, and the rest of her family as well.
In Jesus' name, amen.

Cute! I love babies.

Andie, your family is in my prayers.

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