Refuge on Crescent Hill - Reviewed

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Book Description:
Moving home after a recent job loss was supposed to reassure Camden Bristow and give her time to decide what to do next. But when she arrives in Etherton, Ohio, she discovers that her grandmother, who she hasn't talked to in years, has passed away and "home" is an empty mansion hundreds of years old. Not exactly the comfort Camden was looking for. What happened to the house she played in as a child, the bedtime stories that told of secret passageways and runaway slaves, and all those family memories?
When antiques start disappearing and footsteps are heard, some of those memories start to creep back and Camden wonders if her grandmother's bedtime stories might actually be true. What really happened here . . . at Crescent Hill? How was her grandmother involved? Who still has access to the house? And for what purpose? As she works to uncover the past and present mysteries harbored in her home, Camden also uncovers secrets about her family that could change the town-and her life-forever.

My Thoughts:
Quite the suspenseful read! I read this a year ago and remembered being drawn into the secrets behind the house on the hill. Camden returns after a photo shoot in Indonesia only to find herself jobless and in debt. She goes to visit her Grandmother only to find that she has passed away and has left her this house that she use to play in. As mysteries and secrets of this house begin to work their way loose will Camden be able to stay in the house and in the town . . . you'll have to read it to find out! This is a great fall book! And starting on October 31st for one week this book will be free on Kindle so look for it!
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