The Bachelor - Wings of Love WOMEN TELL ALL!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Egads!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last night had to be the best and I mean the best Women Tell All of all the women tell alls! First off Rozlyn's scandal was the biggest of all. The rumor was that she was suppose to get the date Ella had, and tell Jake about her son and when she didn't do that or get that date then the scandal was aired. We found out that the affair with the staffer was a real deal. How incredibly disgusting can you get! Apparently pretty disgusting! I couldn't believe all the stuff the girls were saying about what Rozlyn and this staffer were doing.

Then we had I'm not psycho Michelle! Oh boy! I thought if I had to hear her whine about why she was or wasn't this or that I may scream all over again! She was so incredibly co-dependant.

When Jake was asked about Ali it was quite clear that he was in love with her. In fact he said you will always have a friend . . . Ali said the same thing back. It is so clear that they are meant for each other.

Jake did say that after watching the show he wished he would've given Christina more time. He really liked her laugh, smile and her ability to just have fun.

Sadly we're still left with I'm not over my EX - Tenley and Good Grief disgusting Vienna! It is still my prediction that he proposes to no one - Ali comes back and they end up together, or he pulls a Jason and goes after her. I just don't see him with either of them. If you want some fun . . . here are some photos from Ali's facebook photo page. Gotta love the Vienna Sausage ones. ROFLOL!/AliFedotowsky?v=photos&so=15

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