Sunday, June 29, 2008

I ran into this author on Shelfari, and she's passing this book off as a Christian self-help book.
It's nothing close. I feel as a Christian it's our responsibility to pass on this information to each other as a warning for not only ourselves but our children as well. Christ warned us that there would be wolves in sheep's clothing and this is one. I wanted to post most of the info here on my blog, but that didn't work too well. Here is the link to the web site that promotes the book.
The book is titled THE APPLE YOU WERE FED.

Here is what is called THE APPLE CONCEPT



Original sin is pride

Original sin is "I am not enough...and this (which is pride) will make me better."

You will never be good enough for God

Jesus death paid the penalty for humankinds' sins, because God so loved us. You will never be able to have enough, do enough, distract enough to convince yourself through worldly things or people that you have value. Stop struggling in the external belief of the lie and come to God as you are. He loves you. He sent His Son for you. He created you in His image; therefore, you are enough.

You sin because of “sin nature"

Sin nature is the lie of not enough passed on from being born in a world where the lie is believed and predominantly practiced.

Stop sinning

Sins dominate by the power of worthlessness within yourself. Start believing you were worth everything to God, which frees you to live with soul-value. Sin has less of a hold on whole people who know their value. That value comes from God. You are loved and whole through Him who created you.

The world is evil

The people in the world are blinded to their worth; they seek value by using other people, places, and things that can not satisfy. The world needs love. Evidence of the original sin of 'not enough' can be found everywhere including in the lives of Biblical characters. If people understood their worth from God, everything from gossip to prejudice, self apathy to dominance, addiction to depravity could be restored.

Love others

Seeing everyone as infinitely valuable to God frees you to want His intention for them to be manifested. Your value is evidence of the value on all God created things. Love overflows when one believes in their own worth and lives as an expression of that personal value by loving others as they love themselves. We do this because God first loved us.

God turns His back on sinners

God looked for Adam and Eve after they sinned, He made them clothes. He provided Jesus as a sacrifice for all humankind. He never turned His back on us. Sin made us less than He intended and, though we were to blame, He provided a gift of reconciliation. God said He will never leave you or forsake you. He seeks you, calls you, desires to bring you rest and peace.

Show Jesus to the world

Live in freedom, unencumbered by fear, guilt, flattery, and desperation used as a remedy for the lie; turn to the truth about who God created you to be, and others will see Jesus’ Spirit at work in your life. Do not "show" yourself well, become your God-created-self, alive and whole and complete.

The Holy Spirit will tell you what to do

The Holy Spirit will help you understand how the lie plays out in your life. He will guide you, directing your life into the truth.

Use your gifts in serving God

Use your individual abundance of love and grace from God - found in your unique passions, talents, abilities, strengths, and qualifications. This is glorifying to God because He made you; your abundant life blesses others.

Lies, lies and more lies!

Here is the link where you can read more if you wish http://theappleyouwerefed.com/default.aspx
Again, I am posting this because I believe as Christians it is our job to inform each other.


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